About the company


Flexator AB

    Org.reg. no: 556089-9766
Solbergavägen 20     VAT reg. no: SE556089976601
SE-571 71 Anneberg     Registered office: Nässjö


      Invoicing: faktura@flexator.se



Flexator is an industrial enterprise that builds schools, offices, housing and site huts. Our business is aimed at professional customers such as municipalities and companies.

The Flexator strategy is to take the traditional building process and adapt it to an industrial flow. With this approach you achieve a better end product, benefiting customers and giving you control of the entire flow.

Flexator AB is a part of Adapteo. Adapteo is a leading Northern European provider of modular space solutions. For more information, visit adapteogroup.com.


We offer leasing as an alternative to purchasing Flexator’s modular buildings. To enable us to do this, we must see scope to sell the building and assess the market value when you hand it back in the future. Since we only employ operational leasing, this sets certain limitations and we cannot commit to every deal, so each deal is considered on its own merits.

With a couple of hundred lease agreements and more than 50,000 m2 of leased property, we are nevertheless clearly the biggest player within our niche on the market.

In order to give you as the customer the best possible service, we also collaborate with financing companies with experience of financial leasing of modular buildings. Therefore we can often help you to find the right kind of financing for your building.

Contact your nearest sales office for more information about leasing.

Buy a used building

If you are interested in used buildings in the Swedish market, you will find these at modultorget.se.

Rent a building

Adapteo builds, rents out and sells adaptable buildings for a few days or indefinitely. We can transform, repurpose, scale up, scale down and even move our buildings in the matter of weeks by using a modular and circular building concept.

With a large portfolio of adaptable buildings and a long experience in the construction and real estate industry, for both rental and permanent use, we help you to solve all kinds of building needs, on your terms.Visit adapteo.com to learn more about renting an adaptable building for temporary needs.